Thursday, June 23, 2016

#Rwandering: Day 4

This morning, I realized that I am the late sleeper of the group. And by late, I mean 6:30. Everyone else is up by 4 or 5. I do not understand these strange sleeping habits.

I led the devotion this morning where I talked about the Armor of God in Ephesians 6:10-20. We talked about how the devil is looking to destroy what we are doing here in Rwanda. We have all been feeling the tiredness and changes of staying in close quarters with people we just met. We spent some time in prayer for the Lord to help us to stand firm in his strength and not our own.

We headed out to the schools after breakfast and I ended up at a private primary school. Alice, our mission director, went to primary school there and was excited to come back and see one of her favorite teachers that still works there. As we walked into the first classroom, all the P1 (1st grade) children stood and recited, "Welcome visitors" in the sweetest little Rwandan accents. They sang us songs, danced, and clapped for us. No one can dislike children when they walk into classes like this.

I ended up in a P3 classroom that was adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers. This teacher (and school) did a fantastic job of keeping class sizes reasonable and teaching in English from the very beginning. All of the children spoke in English very well even in 3rd grade. After the lesson, the children asked me questions about my life in the US and I asked them questions about their lives. They loved every minute and were very eager to share their experiences with me.

When they went on break, I pulled out the 6 jump ropes I brought. It was not enough, but the kids shared and played well. The kids who couldn't jump rope decided that running around with me would be more fun. We decided to play tag which consisted of me running and small children running around behind me.

We spent a good amount of time after that speaking with the headmaster about what is going well and what could be improved. He was very receptive to growth and change and improvement. We were all very excited about the great things happening in this school and are excited to see more from them in the coming years.

The Africa New Life sponsored children at this school.

At lunch, Yvonne, one of the other mission directors, had her wedding anniversary yesterday, so we surprised her with a cake. She had no idea and couldn't believe what the other mission directors had done for her. As I was taking a bite of cake, John (the type 2 diabetic I talked about yesterday) asked if I was eating cake. With a full mouth of food, I said no and then promptly turned bright red and started laughing. I told him 2 years ago that he shouldn't eat sugar, and I had just taken a bite of some. Oops. #worstdiabeticver #ilovedessert

In the afternoon, we went to Umucyo, the Noonday Co-op and the New Life sewing shop to buy some more stuff and order the things we want made with the fabric we purchased. I think I have purchased all the gifts I wanted to buy and I still have money left over. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Enchiladas was dinner tonight. This is obviously authentic African food. Ok maybe not, but it is delicious! Emma is our favorite chef! He does such a great job for us.

Yvette was sponsored!!! Hooray! But now we have Xavier who needs to be sponsored. Read Day 2 for more child sponsorship info.

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