Friday, August 26, 2011

being everything

It's amazing the things we take for granted. electricity, A/C, food, clothes, health, family, friends. I have all of these things yet still we find so much to complain about. Reflecting on the past week/day has made me aware of the things I am thankful for today.

I am thankful for:

1. My disease. I have a disease that God is going to use for a purpose. Not sure what that is yet...
2. My job. I have a job. A lot of people cannot say that. It's a struggle and tiring, but it is so rewarding when you hear kids talk about math (and not totally hate it)
3. Good instruction manuals. For my insulin pump. so that I don't screw it up. (I have changed it twice now BY MYSELF!)
4. My family. Claire made volleyball. I got to see Chris in his element at work today. I talked to my daddy (he is far away so this is a big deal) yesterday so he could help me decide on insurance. I am able to talk to my mom all the time just because.
5. My kids. They told me today that I am culturally aware because we talked about learning how to duggie and The Lazy Song. haha
6. My pump. It syncs with my computer, my glucometer, and I only have to change it every 3 days.
7. Friday night. It's the night I go to bed the earliest. :) haha you have no idea how cool I am!
8. Laughter. My kids make me laugh all the time. I could be having the worst day and one of them makes me laugh, and it all turns around.
9. My and old. All the new teachers I have met the last few weeks are fabulous and it's nice to work with people closer to my age. Even though I don't get to see/talk to my old friends as often due to college, law school, and life it's ok because I know they are just a phone call away if I want to chat.
10. My Savior. He died for me so that I could have a renewed life through Him. His grace, mercy, and love I cannot fathom, and for that I am the most thankful. My God is way bigger than me (or anything I can imagine) and that's exactly the way it should be.

What could we possibly complain about? Seriously with a list like that. I have everything I could ever want and more. I am most thankful my life belongs to HIM!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is this too much?

All the things going on in my life...

1. First day of school is Monday...lots to do in my classroom/ getting ready for first day and week stuff
2. My pump was connected today! But I have no idea what I am doing
3. I have to decide on insurance, and I have no idea because I'm diseased. lol

Ok so it's really not that much, but it's a couple huge things.

I continue asking myself:

  • Can I handle all of this?
  • Why did I decide to do all of this right now?
  • Am I going to make it to next Friday?
  • Will my kids like/respect me?
  • How am I going to finish everything in time?
Basically, I don't have a lot of control over my disease, when school starts, where I found a job, or really anything in my life. As much as I don't like not having control, I know its good for me. I know my Father in Heaven is giving me things way out of my control to challenge and force me to grow closer to Him through life's craziness. 

So my this too much? Of course it is by myself. But I am NOT ALONE! Sometimes we just need the reminder that we aren't alone. He is always with us. We can hand Him the reins, and He will take them to use you for His glory. Easy? No. Scary? Yes. Challenging? Yes. Worth it? Totally! 

I am so thankful my life belongs to Him. What a mess I would be without Him redeeming me and using me for His precious perfect plan. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

classroom update! (year 2)

It's coming together...slowly. hopefully it will all be ready for Monday! Wow that's soon...

Anywho... here are some more pictures :) I am so thankful my life belongs to Him. I would not survive this without Him.

I bought algebra words for this wall :)


The poster on the left says "what to say instead of i don't know" LOVE this! you would not believe how many times I got idk on tests (multiple choice tests at that) lol

This wall needs some help, but it will get there I promise.

Monday, August 8, 2011


I got to see my classroom today!!! SO EXCITED! ...still nervous but glad that I don't have training, setting up my classroom, and lesson planning for 1 day before I start school. If I survived that, I can do this! AND I have the Lord giving me the strength to get through this stressful and busy couple of weeks! So thankful my life belongs to Him and no one else!

My walls are made of chalkboard! SO much I can do with this!

The walls between my room and the other 3 rooms around open to make 1 big room. Really cool...we'll see how loud it gets since the walls are thin. 

my activboard

view from the door with desks!

Prayed over the desks as I put them out today. Can't wait for young men and women to fill them!
Today reminded me why I chose to be a teacher. I needed that reminder.