Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#Rwandering: Day 2

Classroom observations and home visits. What more could you ask for?

So the day started a little stressful. There's car issues that my dad and I are having to deal with together being in different time zones and potentially costing me a lot of money. It's frustrating and stressful since it was a hit and run, and I would rather not have to deal with this. Getting in the van in stressed out tears and within 30 minutes would be in a classroom observing, I needed to get the emotions in check. Sweet Janet prayed over me and the Lord wiped away the stress of the morning. It was such a blessing to see God answer prayers so immediately.

On to the schools...

We split up into 3 teams and each team member did one 45 minute observation in a Kigali partner school. Since we spilt up we were able to bless three different Kigali schools. Across the board the team felt the things happening in each of the classrooms were positive and encouraging and moving in the direction of more thorough student learning. Tomorrow we will do more visits in the schools and more observations. Cannot wait!

After lunch we went on two home visits to see Carol's and Janet's sponsored children. Carol's home visit could not have been more perfect. She has been sponsoring Patrick for nine years and has been writing him regularly during that entire time. The joy on both of their faces was priceless and they couldn't get to each other fast enough to give each other a hug. This had been a long time coming. They had a lot of time to talk in the car as we drove through Kigali to get to his grandmother's house. I loved seeing the difference in what a year has done in the life of my sponsor child, but seeing 9 years of consistent love and support that Carol and her family give to Patrick was so beautiful. Patrick is the top of his class in the Kayonza school even though he lost both of his parents at a very young age and his grandmother who he stays with on holidays is HIV-positive. He wants to become a doctor.

Janet's visit was exciting too, just in different ways. Janet sponsors a brother/sister pair so we got to visit two children in one home, Sandrine and Blaze. Sandrine has grown so much in the last 2 years since I saw her and Blaze's English has improved greatly. He has also come out of his shell a lot too. Their father struggles to find a consistent job because the work he does is seasonal and their mother battles malaria regularly. She has had a fever for a day or so and will be going to the doctor tomorrow. We're all praying the doctors can help her get some relief.

The thing about home visits is realizing the reality that these are all children with dreams and families with similar struggles as you. Providing for the family, illness, and disease. Just because I was born in the United States and they were born in Africa does not mean God values them any less or they are any less human. They have the same feelings, thoughts, joys, and sorrows as we do. I say all this not to make you feel guilty for what you have, but to have you consider how you might use the blessings God has given you in a powerful way. You can improve one of these lives too by providing education and health care (plus a few other things) through $39 every month. I have chosen to advocate for a child, Yvette. The team's initial goal is to get 14 more kids sponsored while we are here. I think we can do better than that. But that's just me. I know I am passionate about this, but what do you expect after my 3rd trip and possibly having a chance to move here in the future. It's legit. It's real. It changes lives one at a time.

Update: Yvette got sponsored! YAY!!!

It's easy, but if you need guidance. I got the hook up. :) Once she gets sponsored, I'll add a sweet new Rwandan face.

Be praying for unity for the team as we prepare for the conference on Saturday and Sunday.

Love you all! Seriously. XOXO

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  1. This is the ten year anniversary of sponsoring Sandrine. How amazing that we have been able to pray and watch this little PK darling grow into a lovely young woman. The fact that I have been able to hug Sandrine and Blaise the past four years...nearly miraculous. Sponsorship improves your heart and enlarges your capacity to love!