Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#Rwandering: Day 10

Today was the last day in the classrooms which is sad because that means the trip is almost over. But it is SO joyful because we were able to see the completed New Life High School and the changes they have made to the New Life campus in Kayonza.

Carol, one of our teammates from Washington, just wept when we got out of the van today. The money that came from her husband's memorial after he passed away went to finishing the school. The amount that they needed to finish the school was the exact amount Carol sent to Africa New Life. Crazy how God works.

We spent some time in the classrooms, but as always it isn't enough. We were talking at dinner tonight that we wish the trip could be 3 weeks. I think if the trip changed to 3 weeks, we would still feel like it wasn't enough. We just crave more time with our precious friends.

After our time in the schools, we went on a home visit to Lauren's sponsor child, David. This is my second time seeing David, and he is just the sweetest. I love watching him and Lauren interact. It is very special to observe and participate in. The family was all dressed up and ready to welcome Lauren into their home. The mom had a dress made with the fabric Lauren sent her for Mother's Day and the dad was in dress clothes. They are also working on paying off their house so that they own it. The neighbor who was letting them stay there decided that he could sell it to them since he wasn't going to return to Rwanda.

We told some of our life stories on the bus rides, and at dinner, Carol said how encouraging it is to see all of us allowing the Lord to have control over the struggles we have overcome to get here. It's cool to see God work in all of our lives despite our imperfections, illnesses, and weaknesses. He is able to shine because He is strong instead of us pretending to be strong.

It was enchilada night again. The Texas crew is 100% on board with Emma's enchiladas. Read Lauren's food blog.

After dinner, John (our driver from the last two trips) came over to the guest house to thank me for giving him more test strips for his glucometer that I brought him. I come down stairs and he gives me a huge hug and asks about my day. He says he'll be right back and comes out with a beautiful purse/computer bag to thank me. He's such a sweetheart! He also promised to teach me how to drive if I move here. Love that dude!

Tomorrow I talk to the doctor about the betes. Prayers for good conversations!

Off to bed I go. Love to all of you!

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