Monday, June 20, 2016

#Rwandering: Day 1

We made it to Rwanda after 27 hours of travel. Our welcoming committee included sweet Yvonne who has been with me on the first two trips. LOVE HER! We both love shoes and shopping...obviously we're besties.

By the time we got through visas, getting our bags, and dinner, it was close to midnight and we were exhausted. BEDTIME.

This morning we had an early start to head to meetings with Johnson (ANLM Director of Education) and John Africa (yes! his last name is Africa and he's the liason between ANLM and the partner schools). We had productive meetings with the headmasters and lead teachers of some of the partner schools. Teaching is really the same everywhere. There's differences in available technology and paper between us, but the root of our conversations lingered around the same ideas. So interesting.

We learned in our meeting that the country as a whole has shifted this school year from a primarily lecture style classroom to "competence based" classroom. They want the students to demonstrate mastery during class rather than be talked at. Crazy how much has changed in the country in only a few months since school started in January. I am very interested in how this will actually look in classrooms tomorrow.

Lunch was great because the Executive Director of Africa New Life, Alan Hotchkiss, is staying in Kigali and ate with us. We were able to hear about the changes occurring with ANLM and the joy he has had being in country. I will be talking to him later about moving to Rwanda. Please be praying for that.

In the afternoon, we toured the Genocide Memorial. It's always a tough place to go, but I always learn something new. The Lord continues to bless this country despite the tragedy and evil that occurred 22 years ago. I love thinking about how God has laid out his plan of restoration and forgiveness for our lives so vividly in the country of Rwanda.

Then we shopped and I already spent half the money I exchanged. Who's surprised? But Janet made a fabulous point that I bought over half of the gifts I wanted to buy, so there's that. Whatever it takes to make me feel better about my shopaholic tendencies.

Into classrooms we head tomorrow for observations.

Keep your prayers coming. Love you all!

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