Thursday, June 30, 2016

#Rwandering: Day 11

all. the. tears.

This has been my life for the entire trip. If you thought I cried a lot before, you have no idea.

This morning, I talked to a Rwandan doctor who shared some great things about diabetes with me. He made it sound possible to live in Rwanda with diabetes. I think it's possible, but I think it will be more challenging than he made it out to be. Still a ton to pray about and surrender to the Lord. There's also more research to do with an American doctor who knows about the care I am able to receive in the US.

We had a really good meeting with John Africa and the Head Teachers at the New Life schools, where we shared the good things we saw in the classroom and the ways we think they can still continue to grow. It was a 3 and a half hour meeting that was very productive. Loved every minute.

This afternoon, Carol and I met her missionary friends at a delicious bakery, where I was able to ask questions about moving to Rwanda and the culture shock that comes with it. I loved having a different perspective than what I had heard from Africa New Life people. Again, so much to pray about and think about before any decisions are made.

Where I stand right now:

The plan is to come and stay for a couple of months to test out a longer period of time to experience Rwanda not on a team. Being a teacher, it makes sense to come in the summer. Probably next summer. Still have no idea where or how the Lord is leading. There's a ton to pray about and a ton to surrender. Maybe now you understand a little why there's been so many tears.

This is so exciting and so scary all at the same time. Be praying for my heart and my head and my emotions and really everything. I'm crying as I write this. Who's surprised?

Love to all of you! Also in denial that the trip is almost over. Off to our safari EARLY tomorrow.

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