Monday, June 12, 2017

#rwanderful: Day 1

I'm exhausted, so this will be short.

We all got in last night safe and sound with all of our luggage. #winning

Passionfruit juice after you get off the plane, wait forever in customs, get your baggage, and drive to the guest house is the best treat.

Today, we had a meeting and orientation with the Africa New Life teaching leadership. We also met with the Kigali schools' head teachers (principals). During our conversations, we learned more about what has happened in the Kigali schools since we were here last year with their transition from knowledge based learning to competency based learning. (Fancy word for student centered)

Zach and John Africa

There is a school that is 1-to-1 with laptops in Kigali. We will get to see what that looks like next week, and we can offer some classroom management feedback since many of us have been on the struggle bus with technology at some point.

Lunch was at Meze Fresh (Rwandan Chipotle). I was pretty excited to have a burrito.

Anna, Alice, and me

Amanda, Me, and Bunmi

Because why wouldn't you need a selfie with the fun wall at Meze Fresh?

We had some home visits which never get old. Janet got to visit Blaze and Sandrine, and Amy, who is in Rwanda for the first time, got to meet Emmanuel, his sisters, and his mom. All the kids are able to speak English really well, which is very encouraging this as we continue to work with teachers and their classrooms.

Sandrine and Janet

Amy and Emmanuel

We exchanged money, and I'm ready to shop. I don't think anyone is surprised.

We got a good start on planning the conference on Friday and Saturday, which is good. We will have a couple of long days ahead of us this week and not a ton of time to plan. It will come together because God is in control and knows what we need to discuss with the teachers to help improve their classrooms. I'm excited. The conference is going to be really impactful and helpful.

That ended up being longer than I thought since I got a second wind. But now...sleep.

Love y'all!


  1. Thanks Connie for your discipline and effort to get posts up. You rock in the tech world!

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