Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hope after Harvey

After sitting in the house for what felt like a month watching and waiting to see if the water was going to destroy my friend's home, seeing the devastation on the news for too many hours, I was ready to get out and help.

Thankfully, Lincee called Wednesday morning asking for help with donations at Grace Bible Church. YES. YES. YES. And I knew my former roommate Alison would need some help clearing out their home after getting a foot plus of water. I had things to do! [praise hands emoji]

All throughout the day, I knew the Lord was touching our hearts and reminding us that HE. IS. SOVEREIGN. [more praise hands] Here's a few of the highlights.

  1. Leaving Steph's parents house, I saw a few big trucks with boats on the roof driving towards the nearby flooded areas to continue with emergency evacuations. [I love Texas men.]
  2. As the supply/donations team met and decided that we needed a large space to house all the donated things given to GBC, we began to ask around. Within 10 minutes, we had a 9000 sq. ft. warehouse. [God is good]
  3. The team then decided the next need is sheet rock. Cool. A friend in Dallas who has some pretty fab connections said an 18-wheeler of sheet rock would be on the way tomorrow. [Yup. God is still good.]
  4. Alison said she needed someone to do bags of laundry to see if they could salvage some of their soggy clothes. 30 minutes later a woman shows up to church with supplies to donate and tells us her family is willing and ready to do laundry for people who need it. [Is this really happening, God? We get it. You know our needs even before we ask.]
  5. Driving to Alison's home, there were trash piles in front of every home. Totally heartbreaking how many homes have been affected. Pulling into Alison's home and seeing the devastation was hard, but they had so much help. 15 people were at their home at lunch time. [God is our provider. Every. Single. Day.]
  6. Walking in and hugging my dear friend. Such a blessing for her and for me. I'm glad I was there to help her process the devastation, but also reminding her that they were able to salvage a lot and that God is sovereign. [We're called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.]
  7. Seeing 3 Frisco (Dallas Area) fire trucks and ambulances and about 25 ambulances in a convoy from somewhere else driving through Houston towards flooded areas was beautiful. [Texas forever.]
Reminders of our real I stole this photo off of Facebook.

Outside of Alison's house.

Having sweet friends from church who own a beer distribution company is the best. They had them mostly moved out in 6 hours. [more praise hands]
How can you not be thankful to a God who is bigger than the devastation? How can you not praise Him for being sovereign over tragedy and providing the things we need even before we know we need them?

Wednesday was hard, but Wednesday was also good. Jesus is our one and only Hope in this tragedy and I am thankful for His grace and mercy on us. I'm thankful for His provision over and over and over.

Lincee also blogged and podcasted with more useful info and ways to here!

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