Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Classroom 2014-2015

My room has gone through a few changes this year due to a new subject, buying crazy technology, and adding 5+ students to my class sizes from last year.

I am teaching Pre-Calculus this year, so I needed some new/different posters for my room. I have a stolen borrowed trigonometry poster from my super awesome Pre-Cal teammate that one of his students made for him.

I have joined the crazy podium sensation that started with a purchase of the Intuos medium tablet and ended with a trip to Fry's Electronics where I discovered boys behave the same as I do in a shoe store. Who knew? 

Learning to use it has been an adjustment, but it's only been a week since school started.

The best part of my room...DISNEY GROUPS!

This part of my room began with @froynboy's idea last year for 90's rap groups. Then my Frozen poster inspired the change to Disney groups.

Yes, I did actually say that. I may pay for such a huge compliment in the future. I was just so excited and giddy that I wasn't thinking clearly.

Here are my fantastic groups. <3


The Lion King


The Little Mermaid

Beauty and the Beast


Here's some general pics from my room: 

Wreck 'Em! 


  1. Nice... that podium looks nice too. I think I am going with the factions from Divergent as the name of my Algebra I classes. Now I have to figure out a fair way get them to choose since I know everyone will want to be Dauntless...

    1. YES! I LOVE THE FACTION IDEA! :) I let them choose the first day of school, and 2nd day I assigned seats.

  2. I LOVE your disney groups! I used normal playing cards this year, but this is so much more fun! I'm going to have to brainstorm ideas for new group categories.