Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Teacher gifts!

Being a teacher, I thought I was going to get lots of presents. It's the end of the year and that's what parents LOVE to do. However, where I work is slightly very different from where I grew up. Aside from the parties my kids decided to plan, where one of my girls brought me a veggie tray and Diet Dr. Pepper (WOOT for Diabetes), I have received no teacher presents.

It's fine. No biggie. I was just a little shocked.

BUT as I have been grading finals all week I have found some fun little gifts. (pictures to come)

I got notes from a few kids thanking me for being the best teacher. I was put in one of my seniors legacy books as her favorite teacher her last year at SWHS. I got hugs today from my football players (probably to bump their grade), but nevertheless it was sweet. I was told to have a great summer and good luck at NHS next year.

They are giving me gifts that I will treasure forever! Their LOVE. 

Tangible gifts are nice, but I would much rather be loved by my kids. I will miss them with my whole heart, but I am so glad I am not going too far away. (We will be rivals after all...i'll be at all the NHS vs. SWHS games!)

How I am loved this much after only 5 months, I'll never know, but the Lord has blessed me with fantastic children!

So thankful my life belongs to HIM!

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