Sunday, June 26, 2011

adventures in the little red car

It's always an adventure when you ride with can ask any of my friends (ex. ski retreat, driving to applebees, superchick concerts, power locks...the list goes on)

BUT this weekend was especially spectacular  awful epic (yes i'll go with epic lol)

1. This weekend I drove from Houston to Odessa/Crane, Texas. A normal road trip right....WRONG

2. I stopped in Junction, TX and walked around to the other side of my car and what do I find...gum all over the side. Someone spit their gum out the window, it stuck to my mirror, and at 75 MPH it stretches in 3 or 4 places all along the side of my car. Lovely. and this is only the beginning.

3. I got some Goo Gone and the gum was gone :)

4. I walk in after cleaning my car and I get this crazy phone call. I cant really talk about this one yet, but take my word for it....CRAZY

5. A few hours before the rehearsal, I find out I have a flat tire. SO what does any group of girls AAA. I forgot my card. Thanks to the roomie I used her card :) and he was there in no time to help me and he changed my tire. We decided to get it fixed the next morning.

6. The rehearsal went fine, but on our way to the rehearsal dinner (driving to Odessa from Crane-30 mins) there was a grass fire. We could have waited an hour or longer, but instead we go the back way to the dinner. We still got there about 45 mins late to the restaurant.

7. The bride and bridesmaids went to get their hair done the next morning. (NOTE: Small towns are SO different than the city) The stylists were 10 and 45 mins late. That would never happen in the one would ever come back to your salon. Our hair turned out pretty though! It just took extra time.

8. I took my car to walmart to get my tire fixed before our hair appt. Their tire guy doesn't show up until 10 (lame). So we went to discount tire. They called me back about 30 mins later and my tire was fixed...for free. I think they just filled the tire with air instead of trying to fix the leak. (NOTE: if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is)

9. We came back to my car at 6:15pm and my tire was flat again. great. So what does any girl do who has watched the AAA change a tire the day before....change it herself of course. :) I did it in 15-20 mins. (NOTE: call me if you need help changing a tire!) I went to walmart...closed. Then I went to sams...crying, I asked the guys if they could do anything for my tire/let me buy new tires. No luck but they were really nice and they called all the walmarts in the area to see if someone was really nice and might help me out. Again no luck.

10. That's when I decided to just drive back to Lubbock on the donut (3 hrs ish). Good plan. No glitches. I got here safe and sound. My tire will be fixed tomorrow....hopefully

So thankful my life belongs to HIM...otherwise I would have gone crazy long ago

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  1. SUPERCHICK! LOVING THIS! Thanks for the three posts your awesome and I am so glad you can turn a not so pleasant experience into an opportunity to show the Joy that only Jesus provides! thanks for being an example!