Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I love summer! And BONUS I'm a teacher so I still get a summer :)

swimsuits, reading, sun, sleeping in, seeing friends, weddings, youth camp, working with some amazing students, packing, moving, growing up...these are the things consuming my 2011 summer.

  • 3 of my TBS sisters are getting hitched this of them being my roomie and it's this weekend!
  • Youth camp was fantastic! We won the hat for rec time! I loved working with seniors heading into the world of college!
  • I started volunteering at a church with their youth and it is great getting to know students as they search for their identity in Christ!
  • I am reading Harry Potter for the first time....on book 2 right now
  • I got an apartment! This means I have lots of things to buy...
  • Electricity, cable, phone, insurance, internet, food, gas and lots more ALL costs money. boo.
Basically there's so much stuff going on....and its fantastic to see God use me for his glory despite my inadequacies and imperfections.

I am so thankful my life is not my own and that it belongs to Him!

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