Friday, June 9, 2017

#rwanderful: Packing

This year has been crazy. Apparently I haven't blogged since August. Oh well. I'm just leaving room for grace.

The packing for three weeks is looming, and I am procrastinating by blogging. :) Even though I dislike packing, this year is fantastic because I can have 2 bags weighing up to 70 pounds. SEVENTY. That's 40 more pounds than I've ever been able to pack before. That's a lot of shoes.

I'm kidding. One suitcase is entirely things that I am leaving in Rwanda. I am able to take so much stuff to the schools and classrooms and the children sponsored by friends of mine. 70 pounds worth. YIPPEE!

Ok for real...I am going to pack now, but here are some things you can be praying for as we get on planes tomorrow.

  • Safety as we all travel from different parts of the country and safety while we’re there
  • Unity for our team since most of us do not know each other and will meet for the first time in Rwanda
  • Rest on the airplane and that first night in Rwanda, so we aren’t completely exhausted
  • Humility and willingness to let the Lord lead in whatever ways He deems important
  • Continued clarity from the Lord on what my future looks like in Rwanda 
  • This year, I have been more anxious going into the trip. I am missing friends who normally go with me. I am staying longer than I ever have before. Please pray for peace and no anxiety or worry.

Thank you friends! I'm looking forward to sharing my time in Rwanda with all of you.

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