Monday, June 19, 2017

#rwanderful: Days 6, 7, & 8

Being in Rwanda is my favorite part of the year. I do a lot of fun things during the year, but this trip heals my heart in such a way that nothing else can. I love how serving others fills up your spirit with joy straight from God.

Yesterday, we went to church and worshipped in a way that my church doesn't. I miss singing, clapping, and dancing during music and not worrying about how others worship God. In Rwanda, I just get to sing and worship the way my heart desires to worship. We are going to ANLM devotion tomorrow, and we'll see how many tears fall down my cheeks when I listen to Rwandans worship our Savior unabashedly.

We also got to go shopping on Sunday. My. Love. Language. I love gift giving, and I love earrings. Enough said.

I also got some much needed rest last night, since the night before I fell asleep mid-sentence with my roommate, Amanda. Oops...#grandmaneedshersleep

Today was phenomenal. We got to go to the New Life Christian Academy in Kigali. It's a new school that they have started in Kigali that has most of the New Life staffs' children enrolled. The teachers are great and innovative, and they genuinely want to do the best job for their students. The kids are getting a great education, and I haven't seen a more fantastic school in Rwanda and possibly in the US as well. Amanda and I spent some time with the Headmistress demonstrating Google apps and Google Classroom and trying to give them an electronic gradebook option that doesn't cost a ton of money.

I gave my testimony at lunch today, which reminded me how faithful the Lord has been throughout my life through all the ups and downs. Some friends on the team also reminded me to look at my diabetes portion of my story as a way to bless others and not a "poor me" situation. It's been humbling and fun to share my story with people I met a week ago.

We shopped some more today... Please don't judge my life choices. :)

Love y'all. Hugs!

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