Friday, June 20, 2014

The Squatty Potty

As promised...there's a post about the squatty potty.

The squatty potty in Bugesera
Warning: If you are male, this might make you uncomfortable. 
If you like to laugh, continue reading.

So the first week in Rwanda, we had access to normal flushy porcelain toilets. PTL! The second week was different. We had the squatty potty every day while we were at the school.

Being a girl makes this a real challenge. It's a definite fear we have all had this week. The other ladies and I have had extensive conversations about what it looks like inside, what it smells like, and the most effective way to squat. We are all very much wanting to be successful in our endeavor. Failure is not an option.

The Challenges
  1. Not peeing on your foot.
  2. Not peeing all the way down your leg.
  3. Not stepping in pee or other things.
  4. Not missing the hole.
  5. Not touching anything.
  6. Not having anywhere to put stuff.
  7. Not having the leg muscles to actually squat.
  8. Squatting plus being relaxed enough to actually pee.
  9. Not peeing on your clothes.
  10. Not going pee, if you catch my drift
  11. Not having flies land places you don't want them to land.
  12. Holding your breath while also doing all of the above.

Things I have learned
  1. Everyone needs a squatty potty experience.
  2. Peeing behind a bush is easier than aiming into a hole.
  3. Take a friend for moral support.
  4. Be careful where you step.
  5. Don't miss.
  6. You get better with practice.
  7. Use clothing to hold the things you need in the latrine.

Hopefully you find this helpful in your preparation for the squatty potty.

Another team member took a photo of the inside...

*This post was written with the help of the entire team of muzungu.*

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