Friday, June 27, 2014

Akagera National Park

During our time at Akagera, we were either singing The Lion King or Jurassic Park. Just to give you a little background...

To save time, we stayed at the lodge at Akagera since it was closer to Kageyo than Kigali is. It worked really nicely and it gave us a fun safari day at the end of the trip!

Dr. Seuss came to Africa for inspiration for the trees in his books
Beautiful view from our room
At the lodge
The beautiful view

Our resident Monkey leader, Wesley Spencer Carpenter

Electric fence...reason for the Jurassic Park theme song

Bees making honey
We were playing cards and this crane landed so close to us!

These are African Longhorns. You won't find these in Texas.

This buffalo was injured above his eye.
Close up

Baboons AKA Rafiki :) #disneylove
"When I was a young WARTHOG"

Hippo out of the water


They have to spread their legs to bend down.

Gorgeous bird!
Baby zebra!

Crocodile bones 
The closest we came to an elephant
Rwanda <3

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