Sunday, August 10, 2014


My cousin, Sarah, and I are crazy. We've always been crazy. About 10 years ago, we decided to play with Grandma's hats. It was a different time, and I wish we wore hats now. They are kind of fabulous.

Recreating a picture of my mom...same dress and hat as me

A few weeks ago while we were visiting family, Sarah and I ended up trying on dresses from our parents' weddings. We hadn't seen each other in 5 years, so we were making up for lost time. Gotta play dress up, even though we're 25. I ended up in her mom's bridesmaid dress from my parent's wedding and Sarah ended up in our grandma's dress from both of our parents' weddings.  

And so the idea for a princess photo shoot was born.
David, a friend from my previous school, is a photographer, and HE suggested (NOT ME, surprisingly) that we do a princess photo shoot. Naturally, I jumped at the chance. I mean really, how fun does a PRINCESS PHOTO SHOOT sound. 

Last week, David, my sister, my roomie, and I went to a park in Houston and took some pictures. What made this fun (besides the obvious) was all the people who did not know what to do with a woman dressed like a princess. All the people running and biking were thoroughly confused by the sight before them, so I princess waved at them and said, "Good morning!" in a British accent.

Snapchat love
Perfecting the princess wave

Diva status
Here are some of the shots David got...Go check them out. There is one where I am attempting to ninja kick. Please don't judge me. He also blogged about our fun, so check that out too.

The lesson learned: I should dress like a princess every day.

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