Friday, August 26, 2011

being everything

It's amazing the things we take for granted. electricity, A/C, food, clothes, health, family, friends. I have all of these things yet still we find so much to complain about. Reflecting on the past week/day has made me aware of the things I am thankful for today.

I am thankful for:

1. My disease. I have a disease that God is going to use for a purpose. Not sure what that is yet...
2. My job. I have a job. A lot of people cannot say that. It's a struggle and tiring, but it is so rewarding when you hear kids talk about math (and not totally hate it)
3. Good instruction manuals. For my insulin pump. so that I don't screw it up. (I have changed it twice now BY MYSELF!)
4. My family. Claire made volleyball. I got to see Chris in his element at work today. I talked to my daddy (he is far away so this is a big deal) yesterday so he could help me decide on insurance. I am able to talk to my mom all the time just because.
5. My kids. They told me today that I am culturally aware because we talked about learning how to duggie and The Lazy Song. haha
6. My pump. It syncs with my computer, my glucometer, and I only have to change it every 3 days.
7. Friday night. It's the night I go to bed the earliest. :) haha you have no idea how cool I am!
8. Laughter. My kids make me laugh all the time. I could be having the worst day and one of them makes me laugh, and it all turns around.
9. My and old. All the new teachers I have met the last few weeks are fabulous and it's nice to work with people closer to my age. Even though I don't get to see/talk to my old friends as often due to college, law school, and life it's ok because I know they are just a phone call away if I want to chat.
10. My Savior. He died for me so that I could have a renewed life through Him. His grace, mercy, and love I cannot fathom, and for that I am the most thankful. My God is way bigger than me (or anything I can imagine) and that's exactly the way it should be.

What could we possibly complain about? Seriously with a list like that. I have everything I could ever want and more. I am most thankful my life belongs to HIM!

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