Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm a third year teacher!!

Time flies!! Here I am starting a new school year--my third one! CRAZY! 

Everyone says your first is the hardest, it gets a little better during your second, and your third you finally start to get the hang of things. I disagree. My situation has definitely not happened that way.

My first (1/2) year I survived but was laid off.
My second year was at a new school and the administration made me team leader.
Now my third year, I am teaching a new subject that I get to create because of the effects of EOC testing. (Thank you State of Texas)

So no my third year does not feel like I have things together. I feel more like I am falling apart than ever before. (this is probably not true, but I don't feel ready AT ALL!!)

However, the Lord has been faithful through it all. As ALWAYS!
It's usually whispers that He is still standing right next to me when I am ready to fall apart. Sometimes it's verses, songs, or prayers that I come across during the day. Sometimes its friends that remind me they are praying for me and that they know I will triumph through this tough challenge that lies before me.

Bring on Monday because MY life belongs to HIM! :)

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Praying for all the little kiddos that will be sitting in these seats on Monday.

So happy and colorful!

Wordish wall! I'm doing more with this than I did last year.

Teacher space!

I love Mom's gifts and Jessica's Star Wars figurines!

Best part of my room! Wreck 'Em!!

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  1. Yay!!!! I love it!! You're going to be fabulous!! I'll be praying for you and your students! :)