Friday, July 20, 2012

Who knew that sisters could be cool?!

SO I pretty much have the coolest sister on the planet.

If you know me or my family, you probably know that if I'm not at my apartment or at school, I am probably with my family or my sister. I love spending time with her and going to her volleyball games and band concerts. I'm so proud of her accomplishments! She got an outstanding camper at band camp today! :) She is a MUCH better flute player than I ever was in junior high.

I was looking through pictures of our vacation and a dear friend has been playing with my blog design so I decided to share some sister pictures with you. Here goes...
Yep. She's pretty great!
I wrapped her in the sheets like a taco
She got an outstanding camper award this morning!

Check out the beast server!
Shopping for sunglasses
The things my brother has taught her...
sup. she might be mad about this one...

More beast serves!
Virgin Islands fun!
More Virgin Island silliness
The theater in Lubbock
Bahama Bucks
Road Trip!

I am so thankful for my sissy AND that my life belongs to Him.

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  1. such fabulous photos!! :) and i love your new blog design! :)