Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I used to love birthdays and everything that goes with it. Cake, ice cream, balloons, candles, presents, and parties...i loved it all!!!

But this year was different.

So much has happened in the last year that all I really wanted was for my family to be together. Since I had church stuff to do today, we celebrated yesterday. Daddy was home from Guatemala and Chris came over! Claire helped me wash kitchen stuff before we put it away in my kitchen in my new place, and I ordered a mattress and box spring for my new bed. We had fajitas...yummmmm! and Mom made me a sugar free cake with sugar free icing! I also got lots of things for my apartment!!

Today, I got to meet with the wonderful church leaders with whom I am spending my summer. Then, Mom and Claire helped me find a table and chairs for my dining room and some living room furniture. And a family friend of ours offered to refinish them for me! Tonight was awesome because of the wonderful students I have the privilege to work with this summer.

What a great way to spend my birthday!

I still love birthdays just for different reasons. I love having family time and all the craziness that goes with it. I love having a reason to get presents that I need. and I love being a year older, but still looking 15 and freaking people out when I tell them I teach high school students...ok maybe I don't love this but I do enjoy messing with people's heads.

So thankful another year belongs to Him

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