Saturday, April 9, 2011

Technology...and patience

It's crazy to think how technology has changed our lives.  But as we have improved technology we get more and more impatient with it when it does not cooperate.

I REALLY wanted to listen to Mandy and Ann's Junior Recital today. I went to the school of music website, and I followed all the directions exactly. When it finally connected, all I got was silence. :( I was so frustrated that it wasn't working right, especially when I miss them so much and wanted to be a part of their special day. It was such a tease, but I know that I will get to hear their beautiful music soon. 

Then right after the annoyance with quicktime, I was on Facebook. I saw that some of my Tau Beta Sigma sisters did a step routine at district convention, and a video was already posted on YouTube. Minutes after they performed there was a video posted for the world to see. It blows my mind how a cell phone can record something and immediately post it to YouTube and Facebook. BTW you should watch it!

SO there are some really great ways to use technology...and when it doesn't work right it is super frustrating. I really don't like waiting when computers are being dumb.

Even through weird daily occurrences, God is trying to teach me patience. I have found when you pray for patience, He will provide situations for you to practice patience. Most of the time it happens at school with high school students, but today He challenged me with technology. :)

so thankful that my life belongs to Him

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