Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The countdown continues...36 hours

Trying not to freak here... but we are less than two days away from leaving for Africa.

I carry my to do list everywhere since nothing sticks in my brain for more than 10 seconds.
I am so excited, nervous, scared, happy and many more emotions that I just can't describe. I didn't know I could feel so many things at once.
Tonight we prayed over our trip at Star of Hope, where Lincee, Ann, and I serve once a month. Such a cool experience to know my church and other women in the community are praying over us as we travel.
I have more maxi pads than I know what to do with at my house to take to Rwanda for the girls, so they can continue to go to school when they are on their periods. The Lord is touching my heart in a way he's never touched it before. I'm realizing how different our lives are even though it is something that all women face every month.
I have all my diabetes stuff plus some extras. Thank you Jesus!

Ways you can be praying:

  • Safe travels
  • Ours hearts to be ready as we are preparing to go
  • The people of Rwanda that we will come in contact with
  • For the Lord to continue to bring true hope to the country
  • For us to get everything done
  • Good rest and fast adjustment to the time change
  • For us to have fun and enjoy our time serving the Lord and his people together

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