Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Worthless Idols

I've been dwelling on a situation for awhile now. I've been praying and seeking the Lord's will, but He just wasn't answering me in the ways that I wanted Him to. He wasn't doing anything in my time table, and I was becoming really frustrated. This morning as I was reading and praying, the Lord revealed a special truth to my heart. It was of course convicting but empowering at the same time. He knows how to break us apart just so He can build us up to be more like Him. It's beautiful and painful, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've been reading through the Bible chronologically. Right now, I am about 60% of the way through His Love Letter to us, which puts me in Jeremiah. The Israelites have been turning away from the Lord (for what seems like forever), and the Lord has been telling them about the judgement and captivity that is to come. This morning I read Jeremiah 16:19:

Lord, my strength and my fortress,
my refuge in time of distress,
to you the nations will come 
from the ends of the earth and say,
“Our ancestors possessed nothing but false gods,
worthless idols that did them no good."

The Lord penetrated my heart and the things I've been dwelling on. They have taken precedence over my relationship with my Heavenly Father. They've become idols or false gods that are doing me no good like the verse says. 

Q: How can I be living a life that reflects the radiance of my Jesus if there are things that are more important (AKA worthless idols)?

A: I can't. 

It sounds so Debbie-Downer-ish, but I don't think it is. Realizing I will never be perfect on my own but being able to sit under his glorious grace and mercy fills me with such joy. He should be my strength and my refuge instead of me worrying about this situation on my own. He wants us to share the things weighing on our hearts and minds, so he can carry them for us with his infinite strength. 

My encouragement to you: If there are things weighing you down (I'm sure there are...let's be real here), they may have become an idol in your heart. Let the Lord have them and then trust that His plan for you is perfect (easier said than done, I know, but it's a process). It may not be your timing or the way you think you want it to work out. BUT his plan is worth waiting for, and the way we find that is by seeking after the Lord FIRST instead of seeking after worthless idols. 

I am so thankful my life belongs to Him. I wouldn't have it any other way...sometimes I just need reminders.