Monday, March 17, 2014

Rwanda: The day I fell in love with the schools

Let me preface this by saying I want to move to Rwanda and teach math. That's how my day went. :)

Today was a great day! It has just been so fun to see how the Lord is moving through Africa New Life and all the ministries it has started in Rwanda.

We spent the morning at New Life Christian Academy where we took a tour. We saw some of the dormitories where some of the children stay. We saw the 8-10 year old dorms where 17 girls or boys have one house mother who keeps them in line. Such a big job for those sweet ladies. Next, we saw some classrooms where the precious "Baby Angels" class sang us the songs they were learning. I definitely had some tears going on. Last, we were able to serve the children their lunch, which was a blast seeing how kids are the same everywhere no matter what country. Teenage boys tried to hide their plate under the table to get an extra one. Stuff I would totally see at work...made me laugh.

Cafeteria and meeting room for New Life Church - Kayonza

Precious Baby Angels Class

They have notebooks in Rwanda too. :)

New Life Christian High School can't wait to see it when I go back!
Kitchen and cafeteria
How they make rice and beans #legit
One of the dormitories

We also got to meet some of the teachers. One of the 3rd grade teachers is 24 years old like me and his name is Moses. It's always cool to meet people similar to yourself, but from very different backgrounds.

After our school tours, we went on a Hope Visit. A Hope Visit is for children who are not yet sponsored, but are on the waiting list. We bring them some food, soap and cooking oil, and sit down to chat with them for a little while. Grace, one of the high school seniors on the trip, decided to sponsor Rahema after meeting her and her parents.

Lura Jane (Grace's Mom), Grace, Rahema, Janet (Rahema's Mom), Wilson (Rahems's Dad)
This is why we're here. We want as many children getting an education as possible through sponsorship. Janet (Rahema's mom) said that she is so excited because Rahema has opportunities now that weren't available to her. It was so great to be a part of this today. Grace has a beautiful heart for Jesus and in turn a love and compassion for people.

Lastly, we went to the clinic in Kayonza, where the medical team served last week and a new team is serving this week. They had pediatric, gynecological, general, wound, and men's care. It was a well oiled machine, so they could see as many patients as possible. It has been really fun chatting with these people since Saturday.
The people waiting to see the medical team
We stopped by the New Life sewing center where the ladies make bags, jewelry, and clothing. Shopping here is supporting the ministries and these ladies livelihood, so of course I shopped...duh. :)

Overall, a pretty fabulous day. Grace Bible Church is going back in June to train the teachers in Kayonza, so I am seriously considering coming back. It's been 2 days, and my heart has been captured by the land of a thousand hills.

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