Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rwanda: The day I saw a hippo

We had a 14 hour day today, so this post will be short. :)

Cool things from the day:

1. Cyusa, who is one of the top 11th grade students in Rwanda, and I had math lessons on the bus this morning. 
2.  I led surprise worship with Cyusa and Zach at the Kayonza and Kageyo New Life schools. So FUN!

3.We also had worship time on the bus. Love singing harmonies with sweet men who love the Lord.

4.  We saw a hippo today!! They are apparently the most dangerous animal in Africa.

5. More kids sang us the songs they learned in class. Precious.

 6. Ann got a rabbit from her sponsor kid's family. 

7. I relieved myself in something other than a toilet...successfully. #overshare #getoverit

8. Hung out with refugees who have been kicked out of Tanzania. We sang songs with the kids and blew bubbles.
9.Made a new Rwandan friend who is my age and has a new job in Kageyo. She will be their nurse.

10. In Kageyo B, the kids basically attacked the bus when we pulled up to the school. I don't think I've seen so many kids screaming before.

11. Lincee is an expert balloon hat maker!

Ann and Jacqueline

The church in Kageyo A
We're all about the baby goats in Africa!


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