Friday, March 8, 2013

Faithful Friday!

Praise the Lord!! Spring Break is here!!

After two long weeks of testing, covering nontesting students, and crazy schedules, some rest and family time is going to be great!

Looking back over the last few weeks/months, I have had an overwhelming awareness of the faithfulness of God. Prayers have been answered, peace has been given, friends have been comforted in the loss of family members, and so much more.

This week especially, the Lord has been my Provider and Sustainer. School has worn me out, but He has used sweet people in my life to build me back up.

Monday: Claire had her Pre-UIL Concert where I got to witness her piccolo playing in a full band setting for the first time. It warms my heart to see how my choices in life have affected and challenged hers.

Tuesday: We finished our study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians with Beth Moore. It has been a great time of learning and growth in the Lord. All I can say is "for not all have faith, BUT the Lord IS faithful." Such a blessing.

Wednesday: Growth Group is always fantastic, but we have been talking about evangelism and different ways to talk to others about our faith. Through those conversations/scriptures, the Lord has reminded me of my need for Him. My pride so often gets in the way of my relationship with Him, but recognizing my brokenness has been crucial in seeing his faithfulness this week.

He has been so gracious in ways that we have not earned. I am thankful for his faithfulness and being able to recognize it despite the busy week. The more I spend time in his word the more I see his hand in my daily life.

Spend time with him today and watch for his perfect plan. You will be challenged, but it will be worth it.

I am so thankful my life belongs to Him!