Friday, July 29, 2011

Yup...I'm a NERD!

I've been a nerd my whole life! If you know me at all, you know this is true. I was a band nerd for 11 years. I was a math major. I teach math. I enjoy having math conversations. I never skipped class in college. I mean seriously how much more nerdy can you be... :)

Anywho, my nerdness came out yesterday in a new way! I am getting the pump as a treatment for my diabetes. (SUPER DUPER EXCITED) In order to go on it, my doctor wanted me to be on a continuous monitor. This means there will be a graph of each day of my blood sugars and what they are doing.

I stole this off the internet but its a good example.

Well I got SO excited because seeing what my blood sugars are doing all day instead of just the 4 times i check it will help me understand my disease a little better. I think that's reason to be a little nerdy! :) 

I stole this one off of some girls blog...but it pretty much looks like my stomach right now.

I don't have part A right now...that's the actual pump, and mine will be pink (BIG SURPRISE, right). It can tell you how much insulin is in your system, dispense insulin all day at different intervals, and it allows you to eat whenever you want! I can decrease my insulin when I workout so I don't have to eat extra to control my blood sugar.
Part B connects the insulin to my body. There's a tiny piece of tube stuck inside of me at that spot. It can unclip when I take a shower or swim. I know it's there, but I don't feel it.
Part C is the continuous monitor that is stuck inside of me. When she put this on me yesterday, it def hurt and was really uncomfortable, but I don't feel it anymore.
Part D is the brain for the monitor. It communicates with the pump, my glucose monitor, and the doctors and I can log into my account to look at the information. SO COOL! 

SO yeah I'm a nerd. I am really excited about this research that we are doing. But my life is gonna be easier and my disease will be slightly more manageable and less shots (4 per day vs. 1 per 3 days) I think that is something to get a little nerdy and excited about! :)

Be praying for me as I go through some of these changes in the next couple weeks. So thankful my life is held in His hands and that He has blessed people with minds to create these cool technological advances!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


In the Bible study that I am leading at Creekside, we are going through the life of Ruth. She has a heart to serve God by remaining with her mother-in-law.  She is obedient. She has character that few women match. She is not a Jew, yet she has a book in the Bible named after her. She is in the lineage of Jesus.

She obviously did something noble and righteous to earn herself a place in the lineage of Jesus, which is why I chose her life to study. (and it's my middle name)

Anyway...I have been feeling bummed a little because it's wedding season and my friends are getting married. I am no where close to getting married but it is definitely something I desire with my whole heart. Last week as I was preparing for Bible study, I read that Ruth was noble in character and it linked me to this verse:

Proverbs 12:4
A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, 
but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.

And God revealed this to me: NEWS FLASH! I am not ready to be married! Right now I am not the noble wife, but as I continue to grow in my relationship with Christ, I am in the process of becoming a wife with noble character.

Well then I felt dumb, because I know am not really in a place to be getting married. I am just trying to figure out who I am in Christ, in my job, in my disease, etc. before I will be ready. God used this verse to show me I should chase after Him and not a guy who can't fulfill the things I need like my Heavenly father can. It seems so logical as I write this, but it's something I definitely struggle with.  If I desire a certain kind of man, shouldn't I be becoming the woman that he desires too. Once we are both the people that each other desires and needs, then God will reveal his plan. Until then I will run after my Savior and no one else. God's timing is always perfect and I find peace and rest in that. It is still a struggle, but I am overwhelmingly thankful my life belongs to Him. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

through the eyes of children

This weekend was so great! Relationships were built with some amazing students, God moved through me despite my weaknesses, got to hear about some mighty things going on in Belize, and had a wonderful lunch with some Christ followers!

During lunch, some adorable and precocious 3 year old girls were VERY interested in my diabetes. Hayden and  Elizabeth could not have been standing any closer to me as I checked my blood sugar and gave my shot of insulin. They asked "What are you doing?" and I answered "I have to make sure my blood is ok." :) When I told them I had to give myself a shot, their faces were priceless! They definitely know what shots are! They also asked "Does it hurt?" ...Yeah, but I didn't tell them that :) I loved seeing their curiosity about something they had never been exposed to before.

Then I got to thinking this afternoon in the quiet of my apartment. Isn't that how I should come to my Father in Heaven? Lean into Him as much as I can. Ask all kinds of questions. React to what He is telling me. Be curious about the unknown.

Why is it so difficult for me to be a child of my King? many reasons/excuses, but this weekend what I took away the most from Ryan (our speaker at dnow) was spending time with my Father is my Plan A and there is no Plan B. I will spend time with Him . Not I will try. I WILL. HE is my Plan A and there is no Plan B.

Thankful my life belongs to Him and that we should strive to have childlike faith

Monday, July 18, 2011


A few of my friends from Creekside Community and Westland Baptist are heading to Bulembu in Swaziland this morning!

I am so excited for them and will be diligently praying for them as they travel and minister to the orphans of Bulembu!

I ask that you all join me in praying for these wonderful people that I am blessed to work and serve the Lord with on a regular basis.

Read more about Bulembu at and about some of the specifics of their trip this year on Tim's Blog

Also, my wonderful students at Westland left yesterday for their mission trip to Little Rock. Be praying for their safety as they travel again today and for their week of ministry there!

SO thankful my life belongs to HIM and that we can lift our concerns and everything to HIM :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm a big girl now!

I just moved into my very first apartment by myself...I had an apartment with 3 wonderful roomies, but this one is my very own!!

Here are some pics of the apt :) It's still a little messy because of the move and finding places for everything, but it's SO cute!

Kitchen :)

What will be my dining room...

My bathroom is HUGE!

super cute bed!

the new furniture!

yup def got that table for $50

Thanks Sarah for the couch!

I LOVE the bookcase!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day!!

Today was the MOST epic day at Chick-Fil-A!!

The Westland Youth Group painted boxes like cows and got free chikin!

Here's the video of the awesomeness! Then you can vote for us :D Please and Thank you!


Vote for us!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I used to love birthdays and everything that goes with it. Cake, ice cream, balloons, candles, presents, and parties...i loved it all!!!

But this year was different.

So much has happened in the last year that all I really wanted was for my family to be together. Since I had church stuff to do today, we celebrated yesterday. Daddy was home from Guatemala and Chris came over! Claire helped me wash kitchen stuff before we put it away in my kitchen in my new place, and I ordered a mattress and box spring for my new bed. We had fajitas...yummmmm! and Mom made me a sugar free cake with sugar free icing! I also got lots of things for my apartment!!

Today, I got to meet with the wonderful church leaders with whom I am spending my summer. Then, Mom and Claire helped me find a table and chairs for my dining room and some living room furniture. And a family friend of ours offered to refinish them for me! Tonight was awesome because of the wonderful students I have the privilege to work with this summer.

What a great way to spend my birthday!

I still love birthdays just for different reasons. I love having family time and all the craziness that goes with it. I love having a reason to get presents that I need. and I love being a year older, but still looking 15 and freaking people out when I tell them I teach high school students...ok maybe I don't love this but I do enjoy messing with people's heads.

So thankful another year belongs to Him