Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Soooo, I'm going back to Rwanda!

Many of you have heard that I travelled to Rwanda over spring break and have decided to return in June! I am SO excited about this and cannot wait to see how the Lord will use me for the glory of His kingdom. I love being able to be a part of something that is so close to my heart, job, and who God has created me to be.

The March trip was amazing and God used it to renew the focus of so many things in my life. While we were there, we did not “do” a lot in the sense of a mission trip, but we met with and encouraged the people who serve there day in and day out. We also saw many of the ministries within Africa New Life.  The day care, beauty academy, and sewing classes were beautiful pictures of how the Lord is providing for Rwandan families long-term. The schools and child sponsorship are also major focuses, and this is where I personally fell in love. I knew the moment I stepped into the Baby Angels classroom at the school in Kayonza, that I would be returning to Rwanda to help the schools in some way.

My church in Houston, Grace Bible Church, is taking a trip to train the teachers at the three Africa New Life schools in June. The thought of returning in 3 months brought me to tears, and I knew the Lord was calling me to go back. During the two-week trip (June 6 - 22), we will have in-classroom teaching time where we will look at lessons, observe classrooms, and collaborate with the teachers. Some of the other time spent there will be for a spiritual and leadership conference. I will also get to see Erick again, which is an added bonus!

Many of you have already been faithful in your prayer support for the March trip, and I wanted to update you on how you can be praying for this trip.

Please pray for
  • My diabetes to behave (my numbers were PERFECT on the March trip! Thanks for your prayers! God is SO good!)
  • The Lord to prepare our hearts for ministry in Rwanda
  • Our hearts to be broken for the devastation that occurred 20 years ago in the genocide and to be sensitive to it
  • The Lord to prepare the hearts of the teachers and students that we will encounter
  • Safety and encouragement while we are thereThe team of 6 to raise the funds to go and for me to raise the funds to go again (~$4,000 per person)

If you would like to support me, there are two ways:

1. Mail a check made out to Africa New Life Ministries. DO NOT write my name on the check. Print this form and mail it and your check to: 
Africa New Life Ministries
Missions Dept.
7145 SW Varns St. Suite 201
Portland, OR 97223


2. You can donate online:

  • Go to www.africanewlife.org
  • Go to Donate at the very top of the home page.
  • Under Giving Options, scroll down to General & Where Needed Most and follow the directions through the process of online giving
  • You will then receive an email receipt for your donation.
  • Reply to the email receipt and state the donation is for me
    • i.e. "This donation is for Constance Haugneland's mission trip"

It will be most helpful if your donation is received by May 1, 2014.

If you'd like to
Click here

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Thanks everyone!!!