Friday, July 14, 2017

#rwanderful: Day 19


Our last day in Kayonza! I just had to wake up and not think about the sadness of the end of the day.

First things first...Devotions! Leading worship was by far the thing that touched my heart the most. I love teaching and my job, but singing and worshipping my Savior beats that out by a landslide. I have been a backup singer for a long time and leading by myself scares me just because it is out of my element. Even though I was nervous, I had fantastic teenagers singing with me and the Lord knew how my heart needed to be touched by the way they served other students. Janet also had a surprise. They asked her to speak and teach something from the Bible. God has put a message on her heart all week of students in a Christian school going through the motions but not actually being transformed by grace and truth. She was worried that she hadn't prepared, but her message came straight from the Holy Spirit. Her next calling will be to preach. :) Her love for people, students, teachers, staff, and our heavenly Father is amazing, I learn so much from her heart. It's just a snapchat video, but I captured some of her greatness.

The funniest part of devotions was that Janet took some videos.
Small problem: She was on slow motion on my phone.
Disclaimer: Janet was having some vision issues that morning, so much so that I needed to read the Bible passage for her. No judgement from me.
Bonus: now I have these AMAZING Slo Mo videos of worship which were absolutely HILARIOUS to watch. But I figured out that I can change the speed and make them normal. Enjoy...

After devotion, I went to a Senior 4 math class with John. He was teaching them mathematical logic. I loved it because this is a major topic in Geometry when I taught that a few years. He taught it very differently though. He said mathematical statements like p and ~p (not p) or q and ~q (not q). Anybody lost? Yes of course you are because p and q means nothing. I suggested that he let the students create their own statements to represent p and q. For example, p: Houston is in Texas. so ~p: Houston is not in Texas. Then you can decide is these statements are true or false. But now the statements had meaning instead of just going through the motions not making any sense. I hope it was a breakthrough for John as he plans lessons to be more meaningful to his students.

The kids added that last one. Kids are the same everywhere.
This one was "candid." John said, "Take my picture!"

so much laughter :)

Brenda on the left middle, led worship too. She's a sweetheart!

John wanted to be in literally every picture. So funny

I miss John and his students so much!

Then I went to a Senior 4 general paper class. Still not totally sure what all that entails. They were discussing corruption and some of the effects. I participated in a group of 7 boys' discussion and it was so encouraging to hear them come up with all different kinds of effects. They really thought outside the box and I enjoyed seeing their brains work. Denis was the teacher and some really minor changes made his lesson absolutely fantastic. I loved participating in his class discussion.

Such great kids and Denis is on the right!

Both of these classes were the same students I was able to teach the day before in the leadership class. I was able to continue expanding the bond that I had begun with them earlier in the week. My teacher heart for loving kids was really happy.

I've known Peter since teacher trip 1. So good to see him!

Dr. Wilson (he wants to be a doctor) :) on the left and Fabrise on the right. I got to talk to both of them about college and next steps that they should be taking being in S4 and S5. 

We packed up our stuff and left for the soccer match between the Kayonza teachers and the Kageyo teachers. Sporting events is one of my favorite things (usually American College Football, but soccer will do). Thank you for passing this gift on to me, Mom. Arguing and yelling about things I don't really understand is a gift I possess. Jeje, who used to live in Kageyo, was rooting for them. I had lived in Kayonza for the last week and watched these teachers practice every day, so I was obviously rooting for them. This made for great entertainment. Kageyo scored twice, and Jeje was gloating. Then, Kayonza scored twice, and it was a tied game at halftime. Kageyo scored again, then Kayonza in the second half. With a minute or two left in the game, Kayonza scores again. Game over. My team won, 4-3. :) #winning

Love these people! AND THEY'RE THE WINNERS. :)

Janet, me, and Nelson (he led worship and is the new head boy)

I think this was the halftime huddle. Everyone supports the team. :) I love Africa.

We left and headed back to Kigali. I was not in any way, shape, or form ready to leave Rwanda, but it was time to start thinking about heading home. I guess that is a good way to leave a place that I want to return to next summer and stay for much longer.

Come back tomorrow for the RWANDAN WEDDING POST. OMG I am so excited to write that one.


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