Friday, July 29, 2011

Yup...I'm a NERD!

I've been a nerd my whole life! If you know me at all, you know this is true. I was a band nerd for 11 years. I was a math major. I teach math. I enjoy having math conversations. I never skipped class in college. I mean seriously how much more nerdy can you be... :)

Anywho, my nerdness came out yesterday in a new way! I am getting the pump as a treatment for my diabetes. (SUPER DUPER EXCITED) In order to go on it, my doctor wanted me to be on a continuous monitor. This means there will be a graph of each day of my blood sugars and what they are doing.

I stole this off the internet but its a good example.

Well I got SO excited because seeing what my blood sugars are doing all day instead of just the 4 times i check it will help me understand my disease a little better. I think that's reason to be a little nerdy! :) 

I stole this one off of some girls blog...but it pretty much looks like my stomach right now.

I don't have part A right now...that's the actual pump, and mine will be pink (BIG SURPRISE, right). It can tell you how much insulin is in your system, dispense insulin all day at different intervals, and it allows you to eat whenever you want! I can decrease my insulin when I workout so I don't have to eat extra to control my blood sugar.
Part B connects the insulin to my body. There's a tiny piece of tube stuck inside of me at that spot. It can unclip when I take a shower or swim. I know it's there, but I don't feel it.
Part C is the continuous monitor that is stuck inside of me. When she put this on me yesterday, it def hurt and was really uncomfortable, but I don't feel it anymore.
Part D is the brain for the monitor. It communicates with the pump, my glucose monitor, and the doctors and I can log into my account to look at the information. SO COOL! 

SO yeah I'm a nerd. I am really excited about this research that we are doing. But my life is gonna be easier and my disease will be slightly more manageable and less shots (4 per day vs. 1 per 3 days) I think that is something to get a little nerdy and excited about! :)

Be praying for me as I go through some of these changes in the next couple weeks. So thankful my life is held in His hands and that He has blessed people with minds to create these cool technological advances!


  1. WHITE AND NERDY! ... if you don't know what im talking about look it up on youtube :) love you!

  2. bahaha i love that video...i used to have it on myspace :) watching it right now just to remind myself why it's awesome!