Sunday, July 24, 2011

through the eyes of children

This weekend was so great! Relationships were built with some amazing students, God moved through me despite my weaknesses, got to hear about some mighty things going on in Belize, and had a wonderful lunch with some Christ followers!

During lunch, some adorable and precocious 3 year old girls were VERY interested in my diabetes. Hayden and  Elizabeth could not have been standing any closer to me as I checked my blood sugar and gave my shot of insulin. They asked "What are you doing?" and I answered "I have to make sure my blood is ok." :) When I told them I had to give myself a shot, their faces were priceless! They definitely know what shots are! They also asked "Does it hurt?" ...Yeah, but I didn't tell them that :) I loved seeing their curiosity about something they had never been exposed to before.

Then I got to thinking this afternoon in the quiet of my apartment. Isn't that how I should come to my Father in Heaven? Lean into Him as much as I can. Ask all kinds of questions. React to what He is telling me. Be curious about the unknown.

Why is it so difficult for me to be a child of my King? many reasons/excuses, but this weekend what I took away the most from Ryan (our speaker at dnow) was spending time with my Father is my Plan A and there is no Plan B. I will spend time with Him . Not I will try. I WILL. HE is my Plan A and there is no Plan B.

Thankful my life belongs to Him and that we should strive to have childlike faith

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