Monday, August 8, 2011


I got to see my classroom today!!! SO EXCITED! ...still nervous but glad that I don't have training, setting up my classroom, and lesson planning for 1 day before I start school. If I survived that, I can do this! AND I have the Lord giving me the strength to get through this stressful and busy couple of weeks! So thankful my life belongs to Him and no one else!

My walls are made of chalkboard! SO much I can do with this!

The walls between my room and the other 3 rooms around open to make 1 big room. Really cool...we'll see how loud it gets since the walls are thin. 

my activboard

view from the door with desks!

Prayed over the desks as I put them out today. Can't wait for young men and women to fill them!
Today reminded me why I chose to be a teacher. I needed that reminder.

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