Friday, June 24, 2016

#Rwandering: Day 5

Today has been a little strange. As with anything in Rwanda or Africa, you have to be flexible. We started the day on time and were ready to go when we found out a student who just graduated from the New Life Academy with our mission director, Alice, and my friend Cyusa passed away during the night. Since John Africa, the liaison between Africa New Life and the Kigali partner schools, used to be the headmaster at New Life Academy, he knew this student and was a mentor to him. He was busy all day dealing with the family and arrangements that needed to be made, so we didn't have our leader for the schools like the other days this week. This has been a sad day for our friends, but they have been faithful to serving the Lord despite the difficult time.

We left a little later than originally planned and were only able to go one school, but it was so productive! We sat in a circle with all the teachers and allowed them to ask us questions about the US and how we structure our schools. They asked very intelligent questions and were thoughtful about why they asked them. We were able to offer advise and give suggestions to the struggles they are facing daily. I also learned things from our team which is great too.

The question that was asked was, "We can't let these conversations end. How do we keep them going?" Such a great question and EXACTLY what our goal is for being in Rwanda. God has gone before us and prepared their hearts and ours to do exactly what He has planned. It's really beautiful. I love being part of something so much bigger than myself.

Lunch was fun because it is Alan Hotchkiss' birthday (the executive director of Africa New Life) and the staff brought him an ice cream cake. Africans know how to party.

This afternoon we have been working on our presentations for the conference tomorrow and Sunday. We totally redid what we had planned, and it is going to flow so much better than our original thoughts. God has laid that out too. I also got to use I notice, I wonder that I learned at TMC13 a few years ago in our presentation. Thanks to the #MTBoS for the great things you have added to my teaching.

I have loved being a part of this team and a part of God's plan for this ministry.

Such a great day in this beautiful country and it's not over yet!

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