Saturday, June 18, 2016

And we're off!

I wanted to write this a week ago, but alas the to do list had more pressing items.

Today we depart for Rwanda. 24 ish hours of travel later and we will arrive in the Land of 1000 Hills. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Here are some things you can be praying for specifically:

  • Safety as we travel.
  • No sickness, blood sugar, dietary issues while we are in Rwanda. (There are some special needs in our group)
  • Rest. We have a lot crammed into two weeks, and we are going to crave good rest.
  • Week 1 we are going into 25 non Africa New Life schools in Kigali. We don't have the same level of relationships with these schools and teachers, but we want to be received well. Pray for love and grace on both sides as we try to help improve their teaching and learning. These schools may not be Christian either, so it will be interesting to observe.
  • The weekend in between we are participating in a professional development conference for as many teachers that are able to come. There will be some teachers and administrators from all of the schools. Pray for our preparation and delivery.
  • Week 2 we will be in the Africa New Life Schools in Kayonza, Bugesera, and Kageyo. We already have relationships with these teachers, so I know this will be a joyful and exciting time to be with dear friends.
  • Before we come home, we will shop and go on a Jeep Safari. Pray I don't spend too much money! :)
  • Pray for the research I will be doing while I am there of the ability to obtain insulin. If I return to Rwanda for a longer period of time to teach, this medication needs to be available to me. Terrifying and exciting all at the same time.
  • Pray for the devil's schemes to be thwarted. In the last two weeks, my car has been hit twice (one minor, one major) and it has caused distractions during this preparation time. I have felt surrounded by evil and it caused my focus to be even more intent on the reason I go on this trip. I had to keep my focus on the Lord to combat whatever spiritual warfare I was surrounded by. So...please pray that the Lord will continue to guide our steps through each day of the trip.

Since we're talking about Olaf, my car, I just want to say how marvelous the Lord has worked this out despite it not being a great situation. I was not injured to the point where I wasn't able to go to Africa. I was able to drop him off the day after his tragedy and he'll be fixed when I come back. In the meantime, I was able to drive my sister's car. A friend was close by, and I didn't have to sort through shock and calling the police alone. Roommate alumni's husband works for a car dealership and is my go to car guy; he was super helpful this week. All this to say, there were lots of details, but the Lord took great and perfect care of each one. 

Thanks for your prayers! I will update here and the team also has a blog so you can follow along with the happenings in East Africa.