Tuesday, June 13, 2017

#rwanderful: Day 2

Day 2 was definitely a full day with the highest highs and the lowest lows. I'm going to start with the lows. Be prepared.

We started the day at the Nyamata Genocide Memorial in Bugesera. It is the most heartbreaking and redemptive place in Rwanda. You see things you can't unsee like bullet holes, decaying bones and corpses, and clothes from children who were murdered in 1994. But, you also see the redemption Jesus has brought to a country ripped apart by evil when you look around at the growth that has taken place in the last 23 years.

At this memorial, you can go into the mass grave holding the bones belonging to the 10,000 victims of this site. As you navigate the steep stairs down into the white tiled crypt you see rows upon rows of skulls and bones. Today the room was filled with large sturdy mahogany caskets. The bones are no longer lining the shelves, they are being cleaned to increase preservation and then carefully placed in the coffins. This was particularly more difficult to process as I witnessed the volunteers huddled together in groups of 3 or 4 cleaning those bones to be stored in the caskets. Did you hear that? People are volunteering to clean bones. The thought is horrifying and makes me sick to my stomach.

One thing someone mentioned was this country is full of people who were affected by the genocide in many ways. The people who are cleaning bones could be people who saw things happen and did nothing. This could be a way for them to give back. Another thought was this is a way for them to love their fellow Rwandese who were murdered and honor them in some small way. Either way, the commitment to healing their country and moving on from such terrible happenings is real and important to the people of Rwanda.

I see so many things I wish the US could learn Rwanda and the unity that has grown out of such tragedy.

TRANSITION on to the highs!

I had Eric's home visit today! (See I told you...roller coaster of emotions) And I got to hug Valentine for Kayla. LOVE!
Love and miss you Kayla!
Highlight of the day: I got to pray with Eric's parents and they prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their savior!
Choosing Jesus!

Could the day have ended any better? The answer is NO WAY!

They have just made the most important decision of their lives: to love Jesus more than anything else and to let his life be a guide to how they (we) should live every day.

Missing big sister, but glad to have mom back

framing this too

That is all the words and brain power I have at the moment. Up early tomorrow and headed to Kayonza.

Demonstrating the importance of Jesus and prayer to my young friends

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