Thursday, June 22, 2017

#rwanderful: Day 11

Each day in Rwanda presents a new challenge or joy that I haven't experienced yet. I led the devotion this morning on the bus and we started off by singing "Lord, I Need You." Someone else suggested it and it was really cool how it went right along with what the Lord had laid on my heart to talk about. We read John 15:1-17 where Jesus is teaching his disciples about relying on the Lord. God has impressed upon my heart this week that each of us on the team are ordained to be here. We each have special gifts and talents that the Lord is going to use. In order to be effective, we need to remain in the Lord. Verse 5 states, "I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing." We will not be effective without submitting to the Holy Spirit and the Lord's power first.

We drove to Kayonza today to work with the students who graduated last year and are working towards applying to university. If/When I come to stay in Rwanda all of next summer, these are a big portion of the students I will be working with. It was really neat to talk with them today and continue to see how God is planning to use me and the talents He's given me to work with teenagers planning their future. It has been really fun to continue to answer yes, when God lays the next step in front of me.

On our way back, we picked up our new clothes from Threads, the ANLM sewing shop. I had a skirt made for the first time on a trip, and it fits perfectly. I'm wearing it to church on Sunday. Pics to come... When I tried it on, I was told my dowery will be 10 cows. Pretty sure that is a good thing. Thanks JeJe.

Jeje + Bob = Brothers #africanmath
After dinner, we have been sharing life stories. When we've shared as a team, it has been real, challenging, humbling, and painful. Life can be ugly, and we really felt that tonight. We came around a team member in need and spent a beautiful time of prayer after the testimony. Be praying for this team member. Spiritual warfare is real and we are facing it head on. Satan wishes to destroy the work we are doing, and we have to pray against that.

I also got to FaceTime Lizzie and Kayla. Miss my sweet team members from last year, but it was good to talk to them and hear all the things I've missed while in Rwanda.

Love a good FaceTime screenshot. :)

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