Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Quarter Century Birthday

Here are 25 things from my 25th year on Earth.

1. I moved in with a new roommate, who I love so much!
2. I watched my sister follow in my footsteps and do marching band.
3. I baked Star Wars cookies, a Double T cake, a double layer cake, and Christmas cookies for the first time.
4. I ran 2 10K races and 1 5K race.
5. I watched White Christmas 6 times between September and January.
6. I was able to go to 2 Tech football games last season.
7. I got to visit my grandma, whose memory is failing. Cherishing every moment.
8. I spent time with the sweetest group of women who challenged me and encouraged me in my faith in Jesus.
9. I sat through the COLDEST football game of my life with my entire family.
10. I went to Twitter Math Camp and met some of the coolest people ever.
11. I watched my sister dominate and lead her volleyball team.
12. I helped my sweet juniors (now seniors, YIKES) raise money for prom.
13. I watched and stood next to so many friends joining their lives with another human.
14. I survived the busiest fall semester of my life.
15. I spent an entire day watching Pride and Prejudice (movie and tv series) with my roommate and coworker. Pjs required!
16. I got bangs.
17. Ruby hit 100,000 miles. We’ve been through so much together.
18. I went to the Kite Festival in Houston.
19. I went to Africa. Twice.
20. I memorized every word to every song in Frozen and can sing multiple different parts at the same time. Skillz.
21. I ate more cupcakes than I should have.
22. I’ve started biking. A pink bike helmet was a necessity.
23. I survived my 3rd full year of teaching and kept my 180 Blog going all school year.
24. I went to a wedding in a dinosaur exhibit.
25. I did all of those things with type-1 diabetes. Year 3!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!!

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