Monday, July 7, 2014

26 Things for my 26th year

We all have goals, dreams, and excitement for the year to come. Some things are silly. Some are serious. Some are going to happen they way I think they will. Some All will happen the way the Lord has planned them. I may not understand His plan, but I choose to follow Him even if the following list doesn't all happen. 

1. Dress up like Cinderella at Disney World.
2. Run a Half Marathon.
3. Water ski on one ski for more than 3 seconds.
4. Take dance lessons: I think swing or two-step could be fun.
5. Take cake-decorating classes.
6. Plan a senior prom with my amazing co-sponsor.
7. Watch two of my favorite Alisons get married, and lots of other people.
8. Lose weight and actually keep it off.
9. Finish reading all the way through the Bible. And be more consistent in my time spent with the Lord.
10. Read at least 15 books.
11. Blog more about my classroom.
12. Sing like a black woman. (not realistic but it can be a goal right?)
13. Figure out where the Lord is leading me. Rwanda or stay put or somewhere else.
14. Play my flute more than once a year.
15. Survive my first year of teaching Pre-Calculus.
16. Memorize a chapter in the Bible.
17. Willingly watch more manly movies. My collection is extremely girly…
18. Eat less dessert or at least healthier choices.
19. Do something fun with all the pictures I have from Rwanda.
20. Write more letters. Like in the mail. Every one likes getting real mail. :)
21. Find new ways to work out my upper body. #girlprobs
22. Get involved in the worship team at Grace.
23. Have more game nights with friends including holy laughter, of course. (AKA laughing uncontrollably)
24. Try new recipes baking and actual meals.
25. Train for a small triathlon.
26. Find my Prince Charming.

Any encouragement or suggestions are welcomed in the comments! <3

1 comment:

  1. # 2 should be replaced with @ 25- afterall, if you are "speeding like I do" the boredom may kill you; or #2 should be replaced with Zumba...NOT BORING. And that means you need a new # 25.
    So, what about starting an AA meeting- after Africa- or in your case, About Africa?

    Love ya