Monday, June 9, 2014

A Day for Planning

Lots going on today, and we are all a little tired/jet-lagged, but ready to get in classrooms with some great teachers.

We started the morning at New Life Bible Church, where Rogers chatted with us about evangelism in Rwanda (and anywhere really). We learned/were reminded that building relationships that share the love of Christ is ultimately the best way to evangelize. Revivals and expecting people to come to church no longer works in Rwanda and in the United States. He challenged us to intentionally pursue relationships with the purpose of loving them as Christ loves them and to share how Christ has changed your life.

Later in the morning, we spoke with Johnson, who is the new HR manager for Africa New Life. He has been working closely with Wes and the headmasters at the three schools to plan our time here. We were all feeling a little less on edge after hearing a more in depth plan for the next few days. The rest of this week will be spent at New Life Christian Academy in Kayonza, the very first ANLM school. This weekend, we will be assisting with the spiritual and leadership conference in Kigali with all of the ANLM teachers. Next week, we will spend 2 days in Bugesera and 2 days in Kageyo. Our time in the schools will be spent helping teachers move their teaching from memorization to applying and thinking critically. It's going to be great. We are all really excited (nervous too!).

We spent some time planning as a team after lunch. We decided that we wanted to get a small gift for the teachers coming to the conference. We thought having a notebook and pen would be beneficial for all the teachers as they learn new things. We also decided to make them a sheet with Bloom's questioning to help them plan lessons that move the kids past memorization. We've been really conscious about buying things in country and trying to encourage activities that don't require a lot of materials. They don't have materials, so giving them lots of activities where they need paper, markers, sticky notes, crayons, etc. just won't be helpful or used. It's been really challenging retraining my thinking about a classroom.

Next, we got to visit the daycare (second time for me). Love seeing the precious babies that are being cared for while their mommas attend beauty school or sewing classes. We also learned that these women are preparing them for school better than most other daycare programs. I love seeing how the Lord is transforming Rwanda.

Janet had her home visit in Kigali today, too. She sponsors both the sister and the brother in the same family. She came last year, so this was the second time she's gotten to see them. Blaise, the little boy, loves praying. His older sister, Sandrine, loves school and will be moving on to secondary (7th grade) next year, if she does well on her national exams. Child sponsorship is the bomb, people. Also, pray for their sweet momma who has been suffering with typhoid since December.

We shopped for some supplies in the crazy busy market downtown. It is a little overwhelming having people, cars, buses, and moto-taxis all over the place. While downtown, Lauren and Wes decided we needed to get some ice cream. I decided, like a good diabetic, to get some delicious sugary treat. My numbers are fine...don't freak out.

Fun things from the day:

  1. We played Bananagrams before lunch. I am really good at spelling 3 letter words.
  2. The ice cream/coffee place had some amazing signs about how we cannot live without coffee. Sent them to my roommate. 
  3. We found a shop with soccer jerseys...I might have to get one to add to my collection. Bonus: World Cup year
  4. Chatting about missions and teaching with the team has been fantastic. Lots of challenging things in my walk with the Lord and my school life and how those things mesh together.
  5. I ran in Rwanda (The Land of A Thousand Hills) where there is no oxygen. I am still alive and I feel pretty good about some exercise.

Love to you all! XOXO

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