Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my children

Q: How many people can say they have 106 children at 21 years old?
A: Not very many. In fact it might sound a bit strange.

I am a least for the next few weeks. I have been complaining about these "creatures" (my principal used this term...haha) I have walking into my classroom everyday. It has been a very negative couple of weeks because they are driving me crazy.


I have been working my butt off to come up with something fun for my Math Models kids to do. Then I discovered a fun activity on the district server. I didn't have to create anything; I just had to make some minor adjustments. (POINT: Miss H)

Anyway, I had the kids work on a budget for a fictional situation. Some had a spouse and/or children and some didn't. Some were electrical engineers and some worked at McDonalds. They had to mess with the numbers, consider what things they needed, what things were just wants, and how much they could save a month based on their income.


They loved it!! They started off buying everything, and most figured out that they couldn't just spend all their money. I had kids yelling across the room that they were going to buy their wife all the junky stuff so they could buy the luxury apartments, phones, and cars, which I informed him would be a bad idea. :) One girl was trying to decide on clothes or food because she didn't have enough money. (oh the things high school girls deem important) Some decided they were going to walk everywhere instead of having to pay for a car or to ride the bus. One girl decided she would spend her money on nice clothes instead of a car because she didn't want to look like she couldn't afford nice things.

Basically I laughed all afternoon....much needed laughter, i might add. :)

Even though my children drive me crazy, they are MY children. What other 21 year old can say that?! I love them, and I am totally going to miss them on June 2nd when I have to say goodbye to them.

so thankful my life belongs to Him AND that he blessed me with a much needed wonderful Wednesday

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    So fun!!! What a good activity for them to do ya know... considering that they are about to go into the real world and have to figure out how to budget! I am sooo still workin on that! BAHAHA! So Cool, I am so glad that you had a relaxing and enjoyable day!! Two more days left in the work week and I will be home bestie!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

    I too am so glad, your life belongs to HIM!