Sunday, May 1, 2011


Mandy Pitts is a very special person in my life :)
I have known her since my sophomore year in high school when she joined the flute section at Taylor High School. She was super quiet and adorable. And that year I had no idea that we would still be friends today.

The following year when I was a junior and she was a sophomore is when I knew that we had a special bond. We were sitting in Spanish 3 reading Don Quixote and we found out that I am dumb. Senora Bickley was going over vocabulary for the book, she was talking about dawn (like in the morning). I thought she was talking about don (like a man i.e. DON quixote). SO like any other successful person I asked the person in front of me what was going on. Well that person happened to be Mandy. She laughed and explained to me that it was the dawn in the morning. HAHA This earned me one of my many nicknames...Don Connie.

Thus began our special bond.

We went on to go to the same university (the best one ever!!), Texas Tech University. We were in the same section in Goin Band, the piccolos. We were in the same sorority, Tau Beta Sigma. So we shared a lot of things the last few years. In our sorority, she became my little sis, and as sisters we have skied (fallen) down mountains, been super pretty, counted yellow cars, went on band trips, and SO much more!

On a more serious note...She was the person who took me to the doctor when I was diagnosed with diabetes, and she put up with me when I was completely out of it. Mandy's beautiful face was what I woke up to the next day in the hospital. She bought princess bandaids for me and decorated my hospital room with streamers.

Flute Christmas Party in high school

TBS fun times :)

The whole family!

We are pretty!

We were practicing Thriller.

Skiing FUN!

I love this girl so much!!
SO thankful Mandy is my little and that my life belongs to HIM :)

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