Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday was so random...

I got to witness high school students act like children...more than normal anyway.

We are watching movies in class this week because of TAKS. But yesterday was exceptionally delightful because some of my students haven't seen Despicable Me. It was like watching a 5 year old walk into Disney World for the first time. Their faces lit up during all the funny parts, and they were so enthralled with the movie. I loved seeing these "tough" students behave like youngsters!

I have another autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

What a cool name for a disease! Now I'm not thrilled about having more stuff wrong with my body, BUT if it has a cool name, it makes things slightly better. :)

I went shopping!

I got to go shopping for my roomie's bridal shower on Saturday! It was so nice to do something other than grade papers or discipline students.

Claire got an iTouch for Easter.

I tend to play it more than she does...

My students have learned WAY more from me than I thought!

I had kids come to class yesterday excited that they knew a few more questions because of something we talked about in class! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. lol :D

like I said...random, BUT still very thankful my life belongs to HIM :)


  1. I love you! Love this! :) I wouldn't even watch seventeen again with my mother... let alone a group of high school students! :) Love you! See you soon! Praying always!

  2. Yeah I def wasn't thinking when I brought that one with me...oops. Live and Learn :D