Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Hunt for Triangles

In my block Geometry class, we've been learning all about triangles. Last semester, I realized how much this particular group of kids struggles with vocabulary, so I've been trying to incorporate more intentional (and exciting) practice with vocabulary. The first day back at school we played Taboo, stolen from the geometry session at Twitter Math Camp. We did this to review the vocabulary from the early chapters before we jumped back into Geometry.

To introduce classifying triangles, we made a foldable (inspired by Lisa's 180 blog). We spent some time practicing classifying triangles on paper before starting our activity the following day.

The Activity
1. Each group was to find three different kinds of triangles in the commons
2. Take pictures with an iPad
3. Annotate the pictures when we returned to class
4. Upload them to Google Drive

We used Adobe Ideas to annotate the photos this year and uploaded them to Google Drive. When I did this activity last year, we had MANY more issues trying to figure out how to use Sketchbook Express and how best to get the pictures off of the iPads. Thankfully work buddy, Jonathan, has found better ways of using iPads and has blogged about it.

The kids did a great job finding triangles around the school. Many of them were the same, but I was pleasantly surprised from a few of the groups at their creativity. Enjoy!

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