Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dresses, flowers, food, cake, love. Weddings are something that girls just adore. We're obsessed with them. TLC has so many shows about the dress and competing for the greatest honeymoon. We eat it up. But what is a wedding really all about?

So many dear friends have gotten married recently and on the other side of the spectrum many dear friends' marriages are struggling. All these weddings have got me thinking about the significance that they hold. Are we just having a party to celebrate the beginning of a relationship that will end in a few short years? Or do our friends really mean the words that they say "for better or worse," "in sickness and in health," "for richer or poorer?"

But instead of wondering and worrying about what the future might hold for my friends, I have turned to prayer for them. I believe so deeply that this is the greatest gift we can give our friends for their weddings--the commitment to pray for them regularly.

All that being said, I had the opportunity to be a part of a very special wedding a month ago. The second roomie got married to a wonderful man of God. I am so excited for them and their ability to share the love of Jesus together. 

The sweet couple at their shower!

My favorite part of events...CAKE!

Love this!

The Bachelorette

Such a special day

Roomie Bridesmaids


I love weddings, but they always make me more aware of the fact that I am single-and have been for awhile. But the Lord has given me encouragement this summer. I know He has me in this season of life for a reason. He wants to stretch and grow me to be more effective for His kingdom. I need to take this time to become more like Him instead of having a single life pity party. Not always easy, but I know He has someone special for me when the time is right. In the meantime I need to pray for that future unknown person too.

I am so thankful my life belongs to Him.

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